Writer's Workshop Series Sandra Phinney

Writer’s Workshop Series

Three different workshops and 5 dates. Writer, Photographer, Traveler. Sandra Phinney has a world of achievement within her skill set. The voices of the many who have taken her workshops in the past speak to her abilities and communication skills.

All about Memoir: Overview: It’s about exploring the realms of memoir. Whether you want to improve your journaling, write vignettes for your family, publish personal essays, or write a book, this workshop will springboard you into action.

Over the course of three days, you will learn where to begin and how to mine your memory for stories. May 23 – 27 and October 17 -21

Writer's Workshop Series a

Shinrin-Yoku and Mindful Writing: Overview: The Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku—or forest bathing—has many health benefits. It can also set us on a writing path that is enlightening, powerful, and fun!

In this three-day workshop, you will learn how to tap into your creativity by spending time in nature. With new insights and inspiration, you will then transpose your thoughts/experience onto the page as poetry, prose, or short story. It’s all about being “mindful. June 13 – 17 and September 26 – 30

13 Ways to take “WOW” Photos:  Overview: If you’ve ever thought that you could take better photographs if you had a better camera, well, think again. It matters not whether you have a disposable camera, a point-and-shoot, a cellphone or an expensive DSLR—the key to taking great photos is all about COMPOSITION.

Writer's Workshop Series b

Over the course of three days, you will learn—and practice—how to take photographs that are pleasing to the eye, worthy of framing (or selling!) or that tell a story. July 4 – 8

There also will be ample time to have a one-on-one mentoring session with Sandra Phinney, workshop leader (www.sandraphinney.com)—and time to explore the unique town of Shelburne.

Workshops include 3 full days of activities, all meals for the 3 days and time for more. 4 nights at the Inn. For more complete descriptions of the course click here.

Conditions: Deposit of $100 on booking. Balance due 18 days prior to workshop date. Limited availability. $899 is for shared accommodation. $1349 is for for Deluxe accommodation. Dinner on the Sunday of arrival is not included. See our website for more detail.

Writer's Workshop Series c

LOCATION: 36 Dock Street, Shelburne Get Directions

PRICE: $899.00 to $1349.00

DATES: May 23, 2021 – October 21, 2021

CONTACT: The Cooper’s Inn




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