We Love Camping

Oh how we love camping. All the wide-open spaces. All the fresh salt air. The sun to greet you as you wake. A blanket of stars above you at night. When it comes to relaxing there’s nothing quite like camping and there’s no place sweeter to camp than here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

Whether you’re the portage and pitch a tent kind or the motor home away from home kind, the rustic and roughing it or the full-on glamper or any kind of camper in between – we’ve got just the spot for you. Our campgrounds offer everything from playgrounds and swimming pools, to tall forests, gentle streams, lovely lakes and wave filled beaches. From ocean side, to island, to inland wooded areas – we invite you to immerse yourself and be at one with our one-of-kind nature.

Whether you’re looking for some solo solitude or have a bunch of little campers in your crew. Whether you’re making a weekend of it or spending the summer here – we pride ourselves on ensuring everyone achieves “Happy Camper” status – leaving and longing for the next chance to camp here in Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Have a look at our featured campgrounds below and we’ll see you when you get here.

To find out why we love camping here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore check out our complete list of campgrounds here.

Check out our National Parks Campgrounds and our Provincial Parks Campgrounds too!

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