South Shore Beaches

Soak in Our Beaches

Just like the license plate says – Nova Scotia is Canada’s Ocean Playground – a title most deserving especially when you have a look at the lovely beaches here on the South Shore. From soft sandy strips to those strewn with sea-tumbled stones, from secluded coves where the Atlantic blue gently laps the shore to those who host wide open expanses with waves for days – our beaches are wonderfully unique and breathtakingly beautiful.

Some come with the added bonus of being based by seaside resorts, cozy cottages and comfortable campgrounds – while others are day trip destinations along scene routes. Come summertime there’s no better place to be than at the beach here on the South Shore – but why limit yourself to time? If you’ve had a New Year’s polar bear plunge on your bucket list you’re sure to find our beaches just as welcoming in winter. Come to think of it surfing winter waves is pretty spectacular too.

Have a look at the complete list of over 30 South Shore beaches below and you’re sure to find the perfect spot to soak in every moment of seaside magic.

For a complete list of the beautiful beaches here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore click here.

As our beaches shift with the tides you can get the full scoop on the lows and highs of them here.

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