Winter Beaches

The Big Deal With Winter Beaches

That title of “Canada’s Ocean Playground” – well it’s good all year long! Oh sure our over 30 beaches are beyond beautiful when it’s summertime, but rest assured there’s a whole heap of wonderful things to enjoy on those same beaches come winter. Don’t believe us? Don’t worry. We’ve got 6 super reasons to get yourself beach-bound this winter.

1. Improve your health, mind and body!

You’ve probably read a whole lot of studies that have proven the benefits of coastal air and how those moist salty breezes can actually increase the level of happiness in folks. So there’s that, but did you also know that cold winter air comes with a great list of benefits too? It’s true. Cold air improves cognitive functions, lowers joint inflammation, and get this – even helps to burn more calories as your body works harder to stay warm. On top of all of that, all that fresh cold air will lead to a lower core body temperature and a sounder sleep. You can read more about the health benefits to winter air here.

2. Wide Open Spaces!

We won’t deny our beaches are pretty busy in the summer season but we’re confident the crowds are way less in winter. A fact that gives you plenty of running room without jumping over tons of towels and oodles of open stretches for flying a kite unencumbered. Naturally, the parking lots are equally empty so you’ll be clear to pull up, load out and love every minute of your beach day or night…

winter beach stars

3. Super Stargazing!

Talk about your tapestry – the winter night skies above our beaches are beyond breathtaking. Couple the stellar sights with the sounds of those waves and you’re in for a night you’ll not soon forget. You’ll find an entire feature on the Wonders of Winter Stargazing on Nova Scotia’s South Shore here.

4. Games Galore!

From super shell scavenger hunts to a search for tideline treasures there are countless ways to enjoy a ton of fresh-air fun. No screen time here, although sunscreen is still a good idea when that winter sun is shining. No power needed either – except that innate brainpower for solving sand-canvas Pictionary or a good old-fashioned word game like hangman with the sand as your board and the waves as your eraser. Pretty cool right?! Snowmen are always awesome to create especially when they’re made ocean-side. Indeed, the winter beach is a super spot to get all those ‘squirrelies‘ out and did you read that part about better sleeps in #1?! Everybody wins!!!

5. Less Stress!

There’s something wonderfully meditative about the ocean’s waves. Their rolling rhythm has actually been shown to lower levels of anxiety in people, for much like yoga – it allows for a point of focus for your breath and your mind. The relative solitude you can appreciate in the winter also comes with less distraction and greater calm.

6. Off-Season Savings!

If you’re heading to the beach in winter why not make the most of it with an overnight stay or better yet a weekend away. So many of our restaurants and shops remain open all year long as do many of our accommodation partners with the added bonus of off-season rates.

So don’t let a little cold weather keep you inside – bundle up and hit the beach this winter! And be sure to snap some pics while you’re at it. We’d love to see all the wonderful things you enjoyed here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #southshorenice

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