Swissair Flight 111 Bayswater memorial

Swissair Flight 111 Memorial Sites

September 2, 1998 at 10:31 p.m. Atlantic daylight saving time – the moment passenger airliner Swissair Flight 111 crashed 5 nautical miles (10 km) off the coast of Peggy’s Cove killing all 229 onboard.

The flight was a regularly scheduled one known as the United Nations airbus because many passengers were UN workers returning to the organization’s headquarters – en route from New York City to Geneva, Switzerland.

Fishermen and boaters in the area hurried to begin rescue efforts as soon as they spotted impact. Soon after Coast Guard and Canadian Navy boats made their way to the area of impact to discover no survivors amidst the debris. You can watch the video timeline here can read more about the final crash report here.

Swissair Flight 111 three sites plaque Bayswater

More than 3,000 people worked on the recovery effort that included local fishermen, tour boat operators, the Canadian Forces, the Canadian Coast Guard, the RCMP and the United States Navy.

This passage appears at both memorial sites… In grateful recognition of all those who worked tirelessly to provide assistance in the recovery operations and comfort to the families and their friends during a time of distress, in memory of the 220 men women and children aboard Swissair flight 11 who perished off these shores September 2, 1998”

You can pay your respects at two places along Nova Scotia’s South Shore

Swissair Flight 111 Memorial Site – Peggy’s Cove

SwissAir memorial near Peggy's Cove. Darren Pittman photo

Just along the highway a wee bit south of the turn to Peggy’s Cove you’ll notice the sign and parking for the site (at –Just follow the short walking trail (160 m) that leads to a monument in memory of those lost. A very pretty setting just overlooking the Atlantic Ocean for more details and pictures click here. Click here for directions.

Swissair Flight 111 Memorial Site – Bayswater

Swissair Flight 111 Bayswater memorial site photo by sbeaumont

Another site dedicated to the souls lost can be found at the Swissair Memorial Site in Bayswater along the Aspotogan Peninsula. The crash site was 8 km/5 miles from the shore close to the small fishing village of Bayswater which was the site of the recovery operation following the crash. A monument in memory of the people who lost their lives along with one erected in thanks to those who helped in the recovery. For more details and pictures click here. This site is right next door to Bayswater Provincial Park click here for directions.

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