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Ross Farm Museum is a “Must Do”

When you make your way throughout Nova Scotia’s South Shore – be sure to include a trip back in time with a visit to Ross Farm Museum in New Ross. There you’ll be immersed in 150 years of agricultural history on a living, working farm – how great is that?!

Ross Farm a

Once the homestead of Captain William RossRoss Farm Museum is still being farmed with oxen – the way it was all the way back in the late 1800s. Beyond the bovine kind, you’ll find lots more farm animals… Berkshire pigs to Cotswold and Southdown sheep, plenty of poultry, ducks and cats… and of course those great Canadian horses that pull the wagon around the beautiful acreage. Taking a ride on that – no matter the season – is simply sensational!

Ross Farm wagan ride

Of course – every farm needs truly skilled folks to make it work and you’ll have a chance to meet all of them too. From the Blacksmith who forges horse and ox shoes to the Cooper who’s busy making apple barrels and tubs, to the farmers in the fields and the women spinning wool, churning butter or baking up something truly yummy at Rose Bank Cottage. These amazing costumed interpreters will answer all your questions with their tremendous “hands-on” knowledge of farm life. A time way back when they did all that work without all the modern-day bells and whistles… like electricity and power tools. Just imagine.

Ross Farm Blacksmith

You can stop by the Stave Mill to witness woodworking, scoot by the one-room schoolhouse and look through the Larder Barn with over 3,000 artifacts from the Ross Farm Museum collection. There’s even a Peddlers Shop where you can pick up some incredible community-made items and souvenirs of your visit.

Ross Farm Museum Tourism Nova Scotia

Once you’ve found your way around the farm – be sure to take in the Ross Farm Nature Trail as it winds its way along the shore of Lake Lawson. There you’ll discover birds and animals in their natural habitat as well as a deck that overlooks a scenic marsh.

Ross Farm Museum is a wonderful window into the past of Nova Scotia’s rich agricultural history that comes complete with plenty of fresh air fun, so much to see, oodles to explore and lots to learn along the way. It’s a definite South Shore “Must Do!”

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For a complete look at Ross Farm Museum, their upcoming events, season passes and more visit their official website here.

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