Nova Scotia's South Shore Music In the Air

Music Is In The Air

There’s no question we’re famous for our seafood and our scenery. Second to none, but it should be noted – hovering close to the top of the “Awesome Reasons To Visit Nova Scotia’s South Shore” list is our incredible ability to entertain you. Mixed in amidst that sweet salt of the Atlantic blue – East Coast Music is in the air – around every corner – throughout every season.

Head to our dockside eateries and beachfront resorts, to legendary dance halls and park-based bandstands and you’ll be treated to the finest kind of sounds in every kind of genre. Music is a staple to be sure of it and while you’ll find a steady flow on the go throughout the year – we’ve got our fair share of special concert events and fantastic festivals too. Here you can find the best in homegrown talent performing alongside the nation’s greatest and international artists as well.

Oh, and we should really mention the roster of tremendous talents that fill the stages of our wonderful soft-seater theatres – where music runs the gamut between solo shows and full-on musical productions. And we can’t forget our music-infused Farmers’ Markets and our community concerts too.

Indeed East Coast Music is in the air everywhere you turn along Nova Scotia’s South Shore and it’s sure to get your toes tappin’, your hands clappin’ and maybe, just maybe get ya on yer feet for a jig or two!

For a full list of musical events on Nova Scotia’s South Shore click here.

For more on Nova Scotia’s incredible crop of talented artists visit Music Nova Scotia’s official site at

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