Look to the Tides feature story

Look to the Tides

Did you know that no matter where you stand in Nova Scotia – you are never further than 60km/37miles from the sea? Almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean – we got our provincial slogan “Canada’s Ocean Playground” honestly. The South Shore runs right along the easterly coast of the province so naturally, we look to the tides to guide us.

Crystal Crescent Beach courtesy Tourism Nova Scotia

You’ll definitely want to know the tide levels when you take to all of our wonderful beaches. The sandy surfaces shrink and expand as the waves roll in and out.

If you’re heading out for a sail, a kayak or cruise you’ll want to check the tide levels for sure.

Look to the Tides boating

We look to the tides for that perfect picture too. Ocean views and seascapes differ dramatically as the water levels rise and fall. Constantly changing but always beautiful.

Look to the Tides photography

You can check the tide times and charts for Nova Scotia’s South Shore here.

Ever wondered why we have high and low tides? Watch this video to understand exactly why.

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