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Chester Playhouse Theatre’s “Playhouse Without Walls”

For more than 80 years the Chester Playhouse Theatre has been welcoming everyone to the Seaside Village and presenting world-class entertainment for generations. First opened as the Kenerik Movie House back in 1939, evolving and growing over the years to offer everything from live music concerts to theatrical productions. A gem of a spot here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, the Chester Playhouse Theatre is truly beloved by audiences and entertainers alike.

Over the years there have been several renovation and restoration projects at the Chester Playhouse Theatre, including the most recent project, which was to be completed this July, before a fire in June badly damaged the building. A setback beyond measure, but with the help of an incredibly supportive community along with their unfailing “Show Must Go On” spirit – you can rest assured the Playhouse will rise again!

In fact, the team is pleased to announce Playhouse Without Walls! A summer series like no other – complete with marvellous live music, thrilling theatre productions, incredible comedy, movies and more to be held at a wide variety of venues throughout the Seaside Village.

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Performances begin on Friday, July 30th, 2021 with an outdoor screening of the classic film The Princess Bride in Lordly Park, Chester. Musical performances include The Town Heroes, Reeny Smith, and the 2nd Annual outdoor concert Playhouse on Pleasant featuring Casual Cries for Help, Caribou Run and Jennah Barry.

Theatre productions include Shorts & Suites presented in collaboration with the Chester Drama Society, Hello City Improv featuring Chester Tales, and A Tale on Two Wheels by Gale Force Theatre, aimed at that terrific 2 – 6 year-old crowd.

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And rounding out the Playhouse Without Walls summer season – an online speaker series featuring true-crime novelist Dean Jobb. The New York Times has dubbed Jobb’s most recent release “In The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream” a ‘Summer Must Read‘ so you won’t want to miss it!

And on top of all that the Chester Playhouse Theatre announced a presentation by Indigenous duo, Twin Flames which is set for Saturday, October 2nd, 2021.

We’re so lucky to have the Chester Playhouse Theatre continue its mission of entertaining eager audiences here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. We look forward to this 2021 season ‘without walls‘ and to a future where their hallowed walls are once again restored.

PLEASE NOTE: All tickets must be booked in advance. Events vary in price from free and Pay What You Can, to a maximum ticket price of $34 (all included), with discounts for bubbles of four or more people. For complete event details and ticket sales click here.

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