spring temp guide

Ahhhhh Spring – fresh with possibilities, brimming with adventures and truly beautiful to behold. All four seasons on Nova Scotia’s South Shore are spectacular to be sure of it, but there’s something about springtime that is sensational indeed.

When that frost gives way to fantastic blossoms and the crisp salt air warms to bring with it all kinds of sweetness. From the maple syrup tapping of tried and true trees to the fresh produce and baked goods found at our fantastic farmers’ markets – Spring on the South Shore will awaken your senses with wonder.

Along our trails, you’re sure to discover a natural beauty like no other and filled with inspiration and great creations our shops and galleries will greet you with handcrafted works by local artists and artisans.

You’re going to love springtime on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Just have a look at all we’ve got on the go and we’ll see you when you get here.