If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Nova Scotia’s South Shore then look no further than our fantastic trails. From routes that run right along our coastline to those beside rivers streams and lakes to trails that run deep into fantastic forests, the settings are simply spectacular in every kind of season.

The systems of trails throughout the South Shore offer something for everyone whether you’re setting out on two feet or two wheels, on an ATV or horseback you’ll find your way to wonderful whichever one you choose.

While some provide a great loop to get you back to where you started there’s a series of trails that connect to form the Rum Runners Trail which follows the path of the old train tracks all the way from Halifax to Lunenburg complete smooth roots for runners and cyclist and offshoots for the more adventurous hikers.

You’ll find a complete list of our trails below – be sure to tag us when you share your shots we’d love to see the routes you chose. Happy trails! 🙂