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The South Shore continues to be one of the most popular destinations within Nova Scotia. Using a local, community economic development approach, South Shore Tourism Cooperative builds on the publicly accessible, year-round, natural assets and resources. Working with culinary, cultural and creative businesses and organizations, we will curate, promote and market unique itineraries for our members featuring their products, services and experiences.

What began in 2012 with a group of innovative volunteers from tourism-related businesses, organizations and supporting municipalities, working collaboratively to market the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, as a tourist destination took an innovative step forward when it became the province’s first regional tourism cooperative.

The Cooperative’s volunteer Board of Directors act on behalf of the members from the region and collectively promote the small businesses, festivals, museums and adventures along one of the most beautiful sea coasts in the world.

Representing these member businesses and organizations stretching from Barrington – the Lobster Capital of Canada to Peggy’s Cove and all ports and parts in between, South Shore Tourism Cooperative has mobilized and achieved an exceptional level of cooperation and collaboration, creating marketing campaigns and events resulting in increased occupancies, revenues and an extended season of operation on the South Shore.

As a Cooperative we’ve charted a course to grow awareness that Nova Scotia’s South Shore is a year-round travel destination.

By continuing to offer visitors exceptional experiences during the fall and winter months we will ultimately grow revenues, strengthen our communities and support small businesses. We are leaders, champions and stewards of our region’s rich heritage, culture, culinary resources and experiences, with more work to be done.

Guided by the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage as well as insight from investing partners, the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia and others, the Cooperative has again, prepared and will implement an annual Marketing Plan endorsed and supported by the membership.

South Shore Tourism responds to the opportunities that further our collective efforts to promote and develop year-round destination appeal.

South Shore Tourism Cooperative provides the infrastructure and services necessary to support a tourism economy, connects tourism products to potential markets, leads planning for sustainable destination development and supports capacity building and skill development in the sector, etc.

We are part of a defined tourism cluster, a deemed destination, a geographic concentration of businesses and organizations involved in tourism, linked by common and complementary products and services that are tailored for the visitor economy and supported by a network of services and associated institutions. We are dependent on tourism for economic activity.

We are the proud owner and proficient administrator of three cutting edge websites, ensuring optimal functionality of and striving to deliver an exceptional user experience.

South Shore Tourism Cooperative is the key organizer of the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl a month-long shellebration, visitor experience and the anchor product that makes Nova Scotia’s South Shore a February destination, providing a catalyst to visit the destination. Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl is leveraged from a year-round perspective and gives reason to visit, seek arts and culinary products and experiences.

While Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl may be operated and facilitated by South Shore Tourism Cooperative, it benefits tourism businesses from Barrington, Lobster Capital of Canada, to Peggy’s Cove.

Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl begins with a shoulder season build up to coincide with the start of Lobster Season in November, accented during Christmas Crawl/Evergreen Festival, and carries through until the last day of the season in May, with February being the focus. This approach grows tourism in our rural and remote communities, driving incremental business to many businesses directly and indirectly – and increasing employment opportunities. Showcasing the destination’s strengths as an anchor product

Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl gives visitors a reason to explore in February during the best season of all, LOBSTER season, growing tourism outside of the summer season. Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl expands winter and shoulder season tourism by highlighting experiences, tours and excursions and tourism facilities.