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We’re ever so grateful for everyone who helped spread the word about our wonderful festival. You’ll find links to all the media coverage below – including those from TV, radio, print and OnLine outlets. Be sure to have a look through our Lobster Crawl Press and make plans to be with us for our next big shell-abration.

Travelling Foodie – 20+ Ways To Enjoy Lobster in Nova Scotia

February 8, 2022

The Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua reports – “Something unique to Nova Scotia is The Nova Scotia Lobster Trail, which has dozens of restaurants, retail and fisheries that feature some of the freshest lobster dishes and lobster-related experiences in the Province.”

Hot Country 103.5 -Never mind groundhogs, Nova Scotia has a LOBSTER!

February 3, 2022

Melody & Forman Show –  “Sam, who?! Lucy the Lobster is the only prognosticating crustacean to make a prediction in Canada, so live from the “Lobster Capital of Canada,” we talked with Lucy and her handler Suzy about… eating lobster.”

CBC Morning – Lucy the Lobster claws her way to Groundhog Day fame

CBC’s Brett Ruskin reports to Heather Hiscox of the national Morning Show “In the self-described lobster capital of Canada, Barrington, N.S., a 50-year-old crustacean named Lucy has been making weather predictions on Groundhog Day for the past few years, joining a menagerie of animals taking part in the annual tradition.”

The Weather Network Reports – Groundhog Day 2022 Results

Toronto Star – South Shore Promoters Promise a Cracking Good Time

Kevin McBain reports – The 2022 Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl kicked off at the beginning of this month with the seafood for which Nova Scotia is best known, lobster, grabbing the centre of attention.

GROUNDHOG DAY LOBSTER: Lucy the Lobster predicts six more weeks of winter during 2022 appearance

Saltwire’s Kathy Johnson reports “In the kick-off event for the fourth annual Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl, Lucy the Lobster predicted six more weeks of winter during her Groundhog Day weather prediction on the North East Point waterfront on Feb. 2.”

CBC Instagram – Lucy the lobster has clawed her way to Groundhog Day fame.

Brett Ruskin files a digital report via @cbcnews The 50-year-old crustacean has been fictitiously predicting whether spring comes early or not in Barrington, N.S., for the past few years.

LIVE On Location with Lucy The Lobster

February 2, 2022

Happy Groundhog Lobster Crawl Day! Cailin O’Neil aka @novascotiaexplorer is LIVE on location at Cape Sable Island to kick off Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl 2022 and shell-abrate with Lucy the Lobster.  As the only prognosticating crustacean we anxiously await… will Lucy see her shadow or will spring arrive earlier than expected? Watch and see…

Suzi Atwood Talks Up Lobster Crawl 2022

SEA AND BE SCENE… And HEARD host Stephanie Beaumont chats with the #SSTC’s Suzi Atwood about the Lobster Capital of Canada, Lobster Crawl 2022, Lucy the Lobster and SO MUCH MORE! Listen…

BREAKING: 6 More Weeks of Winter!

The Travel Media Association of Canada @travelmediaca via Instagram 📣 BREAKING NEWS 🦞 we have it from 2 VERY reliable sources who were onsite in the Lobster Capital of Canada there WILL be 6 more weeks of winter!

Explore Canada – Happy Groundhog Day!

@explorecanada via Instagram “According to this annual tradition, today is the day we find out when we can expect winter to end, and when spring will arrive. But in Barrington, Nova Scotia (The Lobster Capital of Canada) there’s a new weather forecaster in town… Lucy the Lobster!”

CTV MORNING LIVE – Does Lucy Say It’s An Early Spring?

CTV Morning Live Atlantic host Ana Almeida connects with SSTC’s Suzi Atwood on Cape Sable Island, NS to get the scoop on Lucy’s prediction for 2022

Lucy The Lobster Sees Her Shadow, Predicts Six More Weeks Of Winter

Y95.5’s Kevin Northup reports – “Lucy the Lobster says we’re in for six more weeks of winter. The crustacean made her way out of the ocean on Cape Sable Island this morning and saw her shadow.”

Lucy the Lobster Claws Her Way To Groundhog Fame

CBC’s Brett Ruskin reports – “In the self-described lobster capital of Canada, Barrington, N.S., a 50-year-old crustacean named Lucy has been making weather predictions on Groundhog Day for the past few years, joining a menagerie of animals taking part in the annual tradition.”

Lucy the Lobster’s Groundhog Day prediction to kick off N.S. Lobster Crawl

January 28, 2022

Saltwire’s Kathy Johnson shares the scoop on Lucy’s upcoming event and all that’s in store for Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl #4

Off-Season Travel Benefits Lobster Crawl 2022

January 4, 2022

Featured in The Globe and Mail –  travel writer Claudia Laroye shares the bounty to be found in visiting Nova Scotia’s South Shore in the off-season, most deliciously our February Festival – Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl

CTV Live at 5 on LOBSTER DAY

February 28, 2020

Watch as CTV Live at 5’s Susette Belliveau visits Lunenburg to celebrate the first official Lobster Day festivities.

Reception to Shell-ebrate Lobster Day Set for Friday

February 25, 2020

CKBW reports “The province has set aside an entire day to the celebration of all things lobster and organizers of the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl couldn’t be happier.”

The Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl in the Community

February 20, 2020

Watch the ALC’s video… “Hands up if you love lobster! Atlantic Lottery is proud to sponsor the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl happening all month long on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.”

Nova Scotia Officially Declares February 28 as “Lobster Day”

SeafoodNews.com reports “The Canadian Province of Nova Scotia is honouring its heritage by celebrating one of the things the province is best known for, lobster.”

You won’t want to miss the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl festival

ALC.ca reports “While the South Shore might not offer the warm, sunny weather you had in mind, it can offer you over 150 exciting events that feature everyone’s favourite Atlantic Canadian crustacean – lobster.”

Foodie Flashpacker: Sea to Table Lobster Adventure

February 19, 2020

“Follow me on my Nova Scotia sea-to-table lobster adventure, as I learn more about Nova Scotia and everything lobster.”

It’s All About Lobster & Lobster For All

February 15, 2020

martitimesmaven.com blogs “The beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia ~ from Barrington to Peggy’s Cove ~ fills the month of February with everything lobster. Stay & play, sip & savour and shop & hop around”

Lobster Day to be celebrated province-wide

February 14, 2020

Saltwire Reports “Lobster lovers, dig into Friday, Feb. 28. Premier Stephen McNeil recently made a “pro’claw’mation” declaring the day to be Nova Scotia Lobster Day.”

The South Shore really is lobster-rific!

February 12, 2020

Chronicle Herald reports “With a trajectory that is swelling, the Lobster Crawl is destined to be one of Canada’s not-to-be-missed festivals”

North Texas News – Let’s Reminisce: Why ask a groundhog?

February 10, 2020

In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, they substitute Lucy the Lobster for a groundhog, as a way to promote the local delicacy as part of a winter tourism campaign.

Gold Bean Cafe Wins Lobster Chowder Cook Off

LighthouseNow.ca serves up the scoop on the Municipality of Chester’s 2nd Annual ‘For the Love of Lobster’ event including the results of the Lobster Chowder Chowdown Showdown.

Two-Time Winner for Lobster Roll as Lobster Crawl Gets Underway

February 3, 2020

LighthouseNow.ca reports on the Lobster Roll Off and the start of Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl 2020

Lobster Crawl Kicks Off

CKBW.ca reports “This weekend marked the beginning of the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl. An event put on by South Shore Tourism Cooperative annually to bring tourists to Nova Scotia in the winter months, during lobster season.”

Groundhog Day 2020 – The results are in but…

February 2, 2020

The Weather Network reports on all those February 2nd weather prognosticators – furry and otherwise, including our very own Lucy the Lobster. LOOK

Lucy predicts six more weeks of winter

February 1, 2020

The Chronicle Herald reports “On “Lobster-hog Day” in southwestern N.S. –  There will be six more weeks of winter, says Lucy the Lob-STAR.”

AMERICA JOURNAL – Lobster Crawl in Nova Scotia

americajournal.de reports on all the festivities to be held during Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl 2020


January 31, 2020

Who Needs a Groundhog When You Can Consult a Lobster? (Bill Murray Is OK With That.) Communities turn to a roster of critters to forecast how much longer winter will last; ‘the next generation of weather predictor’

Excitement for this year’s Lobster Crawl Boils Over

January 29, 2020

LighthouseNow.ca reports on what’s in store for Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl 2020 with event highlights and more.

Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Festival Returns

The Chronicle Herald reports “The Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl festival returns Feb. 1-29, 2020, for its third year, as proof that the South Shore very much is open for business year-round — and that visitors very much have an appetite for lobster fresh off the wharf!”

9 Reasons to Attend the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl

January 20, 2020

Dashboard Living shares their great list and more “It’s a foodie’s paradise with events ranging from intimate tasting events to full-blown beer fests and everything in between.”

Nova Scotia to Celebrate First Official Lobster Day on February 28

Tourism Nova Scotia’s In Touch blog reports “It’s official! February 28 has been proclaimed as Lobster Day in Nova Scotia, honouring our lobster fishery heritage and culture, as well as its economic importance to our communities.”

Top 10 “Not to Miss” Lobster Crawl Events

January 18, 2020

Simple Local Life shares their great list “A month-long celebration of everything lobster. If you can think of it, you can probably find it; from lobster snow sculptures to lobster beer, cooking classes to kitchen parties, wine pairings to art shows, fishery tours to ‘lobster’ wool.”

Sink Your Claws Into Nova Scotia’s Lobster Crawl

January 15, 2020

Nova Scotia Buzz reports “The entire South Shore invites you to the 3rd Annual Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl! It’s taking place from Barrington, the Lobster Captial of Canada, to Peggy’s Cove and every port in between for the entire month of February!”

List of ‘shell’abrations’ reaching boiling point

January 12, 2020

Saltwire Network reports “The countdown is on to the third annual Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Festival and the list of ‘shell’abrations’ reaching boiling point”

Lobster Festival Expands In 2020

January 3, 2020

The South Shore’s annual lobster celebration is no tinker now.

The Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Festival will be bigger than ever with more than 150 events and experiences planned for the month-long shellfish feast […]

Annual Lobster Festival Gear Up For Bigger, Better Year

January 2, 2020

Things are going to get a bit fishy in the South Shore next month.

The annual Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Festival is entering its third year and is hoping to make this year bigger and better than before […]

12 Must-Try Food & Drinks and Where To Find Them

December 18, 2019

The Travelling Food shares his Nova Scotia Food Guide which features plenty of tastes to be had during Lobster Crawl.

50 Reasons to Travel in 2020

December 10, 2019

West Jet Magazine shares this action-packed feature and Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl made the list!!! Look…

11 Canadian winter festivals to check out across the country

December 2, 2019

CBC shares their list of 11 quintessentially Canadian events to check out near you, or for your winter travel bucket list.

12 of Canada’s best winter festivals

November 29, 2019

Today’s Parent Magazine shares their list of 12 of Canada’s best winter festivals and Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl is on it!!!

West Meets East: A Prairie Love-Letter to Nova Scotia

November 1, 2019

CAA Manitoba pg 48 begins a wonderful recollection – a 5-day tour of Canada’s Ocean Playground including our beautiful South Shore

Lobster Crawl Summit a ‘pep rally’ for next February’s ‘shell’abrations’

October 2, 2019

Vanguard reports “We’re inviting Lobster Crawl partners to come to Barrington, the Lobster Capital of Canada, for an intensive one-day gathering,”

Nova Scotia ‘lobster crawl’ campaign wins tourism award

August 14, 2019

Halifax Today reports “Tourism Nova Scotia has won the 2019 Explore Canada Industry Award of Excellence”

South Shore Festival Gets National Recognition

August 6, 2019

CKBW reports “The South Shore is getting some recognition as the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl and Tourism Nova Scotia made the finals for the national 2019 Explore Canada Awards of Excellence.”

The food lover’s guide to Nova Scotia

August 4, 2019

Gourmet Traveller reports “In Nova Scotia, fresh and local is a way of life. The nation’s eastern cluster provides a quarter of all of Canada’s seafood. With fresh lobster available 365 days a year, you can expect only the best.”

South Shore lobster festival up for tourism award

July 29, 2019

Chronicle Herald reports “The Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl’s media campaign and its partner, Tourism Nova Scotia, have been named one of the top three finalists in Destination Canada’s 2019 Explore Canada Awards of Excellence.”

A lobster-fueled weekend in Nova Scotia

April 13, 2019

Salon.com reports “If you haven’t eaten lobster in Nova Scotia, can you say you’ve really eaten lobster? Fathom contributor and cook Tess Falotico hopped on board a fishing boat on the icy Atlantic to find out.”

Why East Coasters go wild for winter lobster

February 12, 2019

EatNorth.com reports “While other food producers wait patiently for the ground to thaw, winter is a time for celebration in the Maritimes, especially on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.”

Why East Coasters go wild for winter lobster

Recently, a friend of mine from the Prairies asked me what lobster fishers do in the winter? They fish! […]