Live Entertainment

Let us entertain YOU this February, for included in all our yummy Lobster-infused fun is a lively list of incredible events designed to delight, engage, inspire and without question get your toes a tappin’!

While we’re world-renowned for our seafood, it’s fair to say our second-best natural resource is music!

live entertainment

So it’s only right then that this annual Crustacean Celebration includes a healthy heapin’ of stellar playing and sensational singing. We’ll leave the dancing part to you – but we don’t imagine you’ll be able to contain yourself once your ears get a load of our live entertainment lineup!

And there’s more beyond all that marvellous music. From mystical magic shows to inspirational speakers – there’s something entertaining for EVERYONE during Lobster Crawl.

Plans are in the works for Lobster Crawl 2024 – so stay tuned for all the delectable details!!!