Beyond the culinary celebrations for that oh so yummy crustacean – Lobster Crawl comes complete with an awesome array of opportunities to enjoy the arts, cultural events and performances here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

With an industry so ingrained in our history and heritage, the lobster has lumbered its way into so many creative hearts over the years.

The result is everything from paintings and pottery to fibre arts and handcrafted furniture – all inspired by lobster. Curated collections can be enjoyed everywhere throughout the festival – from galleries and shops to community craft fairs and farmers’ markets.

There are some scrumptious signature and cultural events on the go during Lobster Crawl each as unique as the villages and towns in which they’re held and every one of them a marvellous must-do.

And you had to know we’d never invite you to Nova Scotia’s South Shore without a healthy heaping of east coast entertainment on the roster. Enjoy everything from kitchen party performances to festival film screenings and so much more. There’s something for everyone all month long.

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