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Just in case you haven’t heard – we’ll proudly tell you we’re a four-season destination here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore – spring, summer, fall and LOBSTER!!!

That’s why every February – for the entire month – we throw a fantastically tasty event called the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl festival.

You see, February just happens to be the peak of the lobster season along the entire South Shore, so from Barrington (the Lobster Capital of Canada) to Peggy’s Cove and every port in between – you can expect all kinds of celebrations in salute to that ever so yummy crustacean.

In 2024 you can be sure there was something to please everyone’s appetite – beyond the great gastronomical kind too. You’ll discover everything from Lucy the Lobster Crawling out of the ocean on February 2nd, the Lobster Roll Off Competition on February 4th to the Tail End Reception at the end of February and all the claw’tastic events in-between including a full-fledged lobster treasure hunt!

Be sure to crawl back often and check out our complete list of events and festival packages as they’re added, then plan to join us for all the lobster-infused fun this February.

It’s all for the love of lobster our Nova Scotia’s Lobster Crawl so come celebrate with us in 2024 to fill your heart and your belly!