Wait Til You See What’s In Store for Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Treasure Hunt 2024!!!

We’re so excited to announce all the details around the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Treasure Hunt – as this exciting adventure is set to run the entire month of February all along the stunning South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Now in our sixth year, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Oak Island Resort and Conference Centre to present the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Treasure Hunt 2024. This unique event is an incredible collaboration between the Lobster Crawl team and Oak Island Resort will also enlist the creative expertise of Cailin O’Neil of

Calin O'Neil Nova Scotia Explorer

Our Treasure Hunt features exclusive Lobster Pound Coins just waiting to be discovered along the breathtaking landscapes of Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Throughout the entire month of February 2024, the Nova Scotia Explorer herself, Cailin O’Neil will be dropping hints and clues on our Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Facebook page to guide everyone in their pursuit of these hidden treasures.

If you’ve gotten a load of our Lobster Crawl galleries from years gone by you’d know our Lobster Pound Coins have materialized in a wide variety of… unexpected locations. They’ve been captured everywhere from the iconic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse to the vicinity of a beloved seafood shop in Lunenburg to the crowd pleasing Queensland Beach to a renowned lobster restaurant in Barrington to the Guild Market Hall in Shelburne, just to name a few.

Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Treasure Hunt finds

Now while we can’t reveal all our secrets for stashing the booty – we can definitely assure you February 2024 will be a very exciting month for all you treasure seekers. And no, you don’t need to don pirate costumes to participate!

And in 2024 claiming your Lobster Crawl Treasure Hunt prize couldn’t be easier. Once you discover it, just snap a picture of yourself holding that Lobster Pound Coin right there in that location then send that photo to us via DM/direct message on the Nova Lobster Crawl Facebook page. You’ll be able to keep that Lobster Pound Coin as a delightful ornament for your Christmas Tree for years to come, AND YOU WILL WIN a Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl T-Shirt or Toque.

Lobster Crawl Treasure Hunt Prizes

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to explore Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore while hunting for all those hidden treasures. Follow us on Facebook, and then stay tuned for clues so you can get in on all the action of the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Treasure Hunt in February 2024!

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