fall temp guide

Our Fall is full-on fabulous! The scenery is beautiful during all four seasons here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore but when the calendar flips to fall the backdrop is beyond breathtaking.

Take a trip along the Lighthouse Route and you’ll be met with the most picturesque places – to stop and shop, to stay and play – autumn is all kinds of awesome. It’s the time of year when harvests fill our farmers’ markets, folks flock to our festivals and kindred spirits can be seen toasting to sweater weather on restaurant patios.

Travel tree-lined back roads and leaf-strewn trails or better yet climb Castle Rock take and take in all 360 degrees of reds, oranges, golds and of course our deep Atlantic blue.

You’re going to love fall on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Just have a look at all we’ve got on the go and we’ll see you when you get here.