Cheers to Lobster Crawl Teamwork

From Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl 2022

Here at the South Shore Tourism Cooperative, we thrive on partnership. Working together with our amazing members to ensure their stories are shared and their businesses and communities are celebrated… well, that’s our reason for being. So you can imagine how thrilling it is to see our members joining forces to celebrate this amazing place on the planet. Combining their individual offerings to create incredible experiences for all who come to Nova Scotia’s South Shore – well that’s what we live for.

Such is the case with our pals at Tanner & Co. Brewing. Their taproom on Duke Street in the Seaside Village of Chester will be a sweet spot to stop throughout February. Not only for their traditionally different beers but for all the special ways they’ll be celebrating Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl.

Introducing… Gose Wheat Beer Soap

On February 1st they’ll be releasing an all-new product. For the first time ever Tanner & Co. Brewing and Seaweed Soap Company have combined forces to bring you a soap inspired by the perfect pairing of beer and lobster! Gose Wheat Beer Soap is made with a base of wheat beer, along with banana powder, coriander and clove essential oils, orange rind, Dead Sea salt and more combined with crushed lobster shells to exfoliate. This special soap will be available at both Tanner & Co. on Duke St. at 59 Duke St. and Seaweed Soap Company at 36 Queen St. in Chester.

Lobster Roll Pop-Up

Cheers to Lobster Crawl Teamwork Lobster Roll Old Black Forest

Be sure to mark your calendars and make your plans for this mouthwatering match-up set for February 17th as Tanner & Co. on Duke St. welcomes the Old Black Forest Restaurant for a perfectly timed Pop-Up event. They’ll be offering a marvellous menu featuring fresh from the ocean Lobster with an oh-so-tasty twist.

Draw Away the Cold – Lobster Still Life Session

Cheers to Lobster Crawl Teamwork Lobster Still Life

Then things take an artistic turn at the Tanner & Co. on Duke St. on February 24th. In partnership with the Chester Art Centre they’ll play host to lobster still life art experience led by Audrey Nicoll, during which you will learn about continuous loose line inspired by Matisse. That’s right – you’ll create your very own lobster still life with everyone’s favourite – Sharpies! Groups of 4 preferred. The cost is $25/person which includes all materials. For more information and to sign up for this event click here.

So we salute you Tanner & Co. Brewing and all of your event partners for putting so much on the menu this February – Cheers to Lobster Crawl Teamwork!

For a complete look at our Lobster Crawl Event calendar click here.

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