5 Favourite Activities by Cailin O'Neil

Cailin’s 5 Favourite Activities in February on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

By Cailin O’Neil

While this list was created for Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl 2022 many of Cailin’s Favourite Activities are available still!

When winter comes in Nova Scotia many of us hide inside under our fuzzy blankets by the fire. We dream of the warmer months and tend to venture outside less and less. However, in between snowstorms and rainy days being outdoors in Nova Scotia in winter can lead to some fabulous experiences especially on the South Shore. Here are my 5 favourite activities in February on the South Shore of Nova Scotia PLUS a fantastically flavourful bonus favourite.

1. Pamper Yourself at the Sensea Nordic Spa

Sensea Nordic Spa photo by Cailin O'Neil

The Sensea Nordic Spa in Chester, Nova Scotia is a great place to relax all year round. However, in the winter months, it is an even more thrilling experience getting to enjoy the hot pools while surrounded by snow and flurries in the air. Book a day pass with your friends and enjoy the saunas, hammam steam rooms, a nice salt scrub, take a plunge in the cold pools and then relax in the heated pools. It’s a truly invigorating experience. Massages are also available to book and be sure to rent their fluffy robes to keep you warm as you explore.

2. Enjoy an Afternoon Tea at the Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay

The Biscuit Eater photo by Cailin O'Neil

A great way to stay cozy in the winter months in Nova Scotia is of course with a nice pot of tea. And what better way to enjoy your tea than with a bunch of tiny sandwiches, scones and desserts. The Biscuit Eater is a Black-led community cafe and bookstore in Mahone Bay and they are continually serving up an ever-changing menu of delicious cafe items and afternoon tea experiences. You will leave with a smile on your face, a warm heart and full bellies.

3. Spend the Night at the Ivy House in Lunenburg

Ivy House Inn photo by Cailin O'Neil

The Ivy House Inn in Lunenburg is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous places that I have stayed in on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. This tiny boutique hotel in Lunenburg is perfect for couples or a solo getaway. The suites are spacious and tastefully decorated with modern design elements and a bit of nautical flair. During your stay, you can enjoy fresh baked cookies made by the owner and a fridge of complimentary drinks. You are also just a few blocks away from some of the best dining in Lunenburg.

4. Try a Flight at Boxing Rock

Further down the south shore in Shelburne, Nova Scotia is Boxing Rock Brewing Co. In 2012 they began their business by brewing craft beer in lobster pots in their backyard. They have since upped their game and are now one of the top craft beer breweries in Nova Scotia. Boxing Rock offers various types of beer made for everyone and the best way to enjoy them all is to stop in and order a flight or two. The Indigo Blueberry Sour Ale is my favourite but you can also try beers like their Unobtanium Intrepid Amber Ale, The Vicars Cross Double IPA, Three Sheets Cream Ale, or the Hunky Dory. (Another favourite of mine). Along with your flight enjoy a tasty charcuterie board, nachos, or pulled pork sandwich from their taproom menu.

5. Eat an Award-Winning Lobster Roll

Captain Kat's Lobster Shack photo by Cailin O'Neil

As far as you can go on the South Shore of Nova Scotia is the community of Barrington, Nova Scotia. Also known as the Lobster Capital of Canada, you can’t visit Barrington and not try an award-winning lobster roll from Captain Kat’s Lobster Shack. Enjoy delicious morsels of freshly caught and cooked lobster on a toasted garlic butter bun with mayo and greens. Served with a side of fries if I could eat this every day I would. If a lobster roll isn’t your thing don’t worry because there are over 15 other lobster options available on the menu.

BONUS: Celebrate the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl!

Without a doubt, the very best thing to do in February on the South Shore of Nova Scotia is to celebrate the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl. A month-long shellebration of all things lobster along the south shore. During the first year of the lobster crawl festival, there were 14 restaurants participating along the south shore by serving up their own version of a lobster roll. I made it my goal to eat at each one over a two-week period and I did just that. It was a tasty goal to achieve!

Aside from lobster roll eating, you can also help judge in the lobster roll-off competition, you can try some of the very best lobster chowders, see if the Lucy the Lobster will see her shadow on groundhog day, enjoy more lobster dishes at participating restaurants all along the south shore, make some lobster art, go to the lobster craft show and a whole lot more.

One of the newest contributors to the Lobster Crawl Festival this year will be the Shore Lunch food truck. They are the only fresh sushi maker on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and all February long they will be serving up a lobster roll in a bowl that I cannot wait to try!

Great thanks to Cailin O’Neil for her fantastic feature “5 Favourite Activities in February on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.” We love all of her suggestions and hope you’ll experience them all for yourself and when you do be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see all the great time you had!

Travel Writer Cailin O'Neil

Cailin O’Neil is a full-time travel writer and content creator currently focusing on her site NovaScotiaExplorer.com where she shares all of the best things to see, eat and do in Nova Scotia year-round. Follow her on social media @NovaScotiaEpxlorer for more adventures around the province.

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