Summer + Ice Cream = Awesome!!!

Somebody very wise once said, “The best time for ice cream is always!” And while we’ve never agreed with anyone more – we’re certain no summertime’s complete without a scoop or two… or ten. Truth be told we lose track of all the tasty times we enjoy our cones each summer. And while it’s not the season for arithmetic – you can always count on discovering a delightful amount of incredible spots for ice cream here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore!

i scream for ice cream

Summertime means all of our ice cream purveyors are open and ready to serve you up something yummy. From traditional soft serve and sundaes to all sorts of the scoopable kind including made-right-here originals and Nova Scotia’s most popular Moonmist (made with a mouth-watering mix of grape, banana and bubblegum) – you’re bound to find your favourite… after our recommended level of extensive research of course.

i scream for ice cream c

And according to local experts – Ice cream makes for the sweetest sight-seeing accessory this season, so whether you’re taking pictures at Peggy’s Cove, going for a spin along the Lighthouse Route or strolling the many beaches of Barrington and beyond – be sure to treat yourself this summer!

Just check out the carousel of ice cream experts below and enjoy! Hey and be sure to share your shots and tag us when you do so we can peruse your pics and picks for Ice Cream here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

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Jo-Ann's Deli, Market & Bake Shop

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Dan's Ice Cream Shoppe

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AFN Medway River Entertainment

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Alex's Chill and Grill

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Sheila's Canteen

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Tastee Freeze

Long established take-out restaurant offering renowned ice-cream treats, burgers ...

Anchor's Away Family Restaurant & Dairy Bar

We are open year round. Our menu, which is available on our website, is full of ...

Moe's Shake Shack

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Carolyn's Restaurant & Crafts

Carolyn's is a seasonal Eat-in or Take-out fully licensed restaurant located on ...

The Island View Family Restaurant & Bakery

Island View Family Restaurant & Bakery is located in picturesque Western ...

Turkey Burger

A family restaurant established in 1953 specializing in sensational seafood, ...

Bob and the Boys Farm Market

Garden fresh produce, local vegetables and fruit in season, ice cream cones, ...

Wile's Lake Farm Market and Bakery

Open seasonally, a unique combination of greenhouses, farm market, market ...

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