Lobster Crawl Bucket List

written by Cailin O’Neil, Nova Scotia Explorer 

The Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl without a doubt is the most lobsteriffic shellebration on the east
coast of Canada. This annual festival takes place the entire month of February on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. From the Lobster Capital of Canada in Barrington all the way to Peggy’s Cove and in every port and part in between. Your Bucket List will full to overflowing with fun things in February. 

Aside from just eating and celebrating lobster this event is full of lots of bucket list worthy items and experiences as well. 

Here are some of the top Lobster Crawl Bucket List experiences: 
Eat as much Lobster as possible
You can eat an embarrassingly large amount of lobster at the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl and no
one cares. It’s actually expected of you. Three lobster dinners, eight lobster rolls, two lobster
beers, four lobster mac’n’cheeses. How many lobster dishes can you consume in one month?
Eat Unique Lobster Dishes
Speaking of eating copious amounts of lobster, how about aside from eating traditional lobster
dishes you eat some unique ones as well? These dishes definitely belong on your lobster
bucket list: Lobster tacos, lobster quesadillas, lobster gelato, lobster beer, lobster dip, lobster
pizza, and more! Some of these might sound a bit odd, but trust us they are delicious. Add them
to your bucket list asap.
Quiet Contemplation
February is an ideal time to visit Nova Scotia because it’s a great time of year to visit and feel like you have the whole place to yourself! June to September are extremely popular and busy times to visit Nova Scotia. The weather is gorgeous, all of the seasonal shops are open and the beaches are perfect for
swimming. That all sounds great of course, and it really is. But when you visit in February you
can stroll those beautiful beaches and almost have them to yourselves. The weather can be
quite gorgeous as well with clear blue skies and snowy highlights on the colorful fishing villages.
Be a Lobster Roll Judge!
You can have the chance to be a judge at the lobster roll competition. I bet you never had that
on your bucket list before. Follow the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl social media channels and wait
for our posts on how you can apply to be the next Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl LOBSTAR! Enter
to win and you can get a bunch of NS Lobster Crawl Swag, you get tickets to some great
Lobster Crawl events AND you get to be a judge at the Lobster roll-off. The Lobster Roll-Off is a food competition, the first Sunday February where 12+ of the best lobster rolls on the South Shore compete to be awarded the best lobster roll. It’s a tough job as a judge having to eat all of that lobster, but someone has to do it! 

Visit the Lobster Capital of Canada
You can of course visit Barrington, Nova Scotia the Lobster Capital of Canada all year long.
However February is a great month to do it with all of the NS Lobster Crawl events going on and
it is also right in the middle of the biggest and longest lobster fishing season in the province.
That means it’s also a great time to chow down on the freshest lobster imaginable. Either head
to Captain Kat’s Lobster Shack or the Salt Banker restaurants, or tour a lobster pound or pick up
some fresh lobster for home. 

Meet the world’s first Crustacean Prognosticator
That’s right you can meet the world’s FIRST Crustacean Prognosticator. In another part of Nova
Scotia you can find a typical prognosticator like Shubenacadie

Sam. However on the South
Shore of Nova Scotia on Ground Hog day we have the lovely Lucy the Lobster who climbs out
of the ocean to tell us if we have an early spring or six more weeks of winter. Not only can you
be there for Lucy’s prediction but you can get a shelfie with her too!

Go on a Treasure Hunt in Nova Scotia!
We bet you know of Oak Island’s treasure hunt, but have you heard of the NS Lobster Treasure Hunt?
Search the South Shore for NS Lobster Crawl “Lobster Pound” coins to win awesome lobster crawl swag. Daily “lobster pounds” are hidden all along the South Shore with hints shared on our Facebook page. Find the coin and win the bragging rights to say you found one but also cool NS Lobster Crawl merch like t-shirts, toques, and maybe even gift cards to local lobster crawl participants.

Dress to the Nines in Lobster Clothes
Haven’t you always had it on your bucket list to have a wardrobe full of lobster things? Aside
from buying or winning your very own Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl branded swag you can also
find some other great lobster-fied things. There are many local artisans creating unique
wearable lobster creations. From your very own lobster mittens or hats to lobster socks, lobster
oven mitts, lobster aprons, lobster shirts and so much more! You’ll even find tartan woven to shellebrate the lobster fishing industry! Visit in February to enjoy the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl and cross one or ALL of these great Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl bucket list things off your list! 

Other February’s pail in comparison!

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