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Fill Your Bucket to the Brim with Creativity

Webster’s Dictionary defines art as “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination, especially in the production of aesthetic objects.” Here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore we call it simply “one of our greatest natural resources.”

Indeed our towns and villages are full of folks who are constantly creating. Incredible works by totally talented craftspeople in every discipline are everywhere you look. Inspired by the beauty that surrounds them and the generations of imagination that have for centuries called the South Shore home.

And the best part… you’re welcome to take it all in!

We invite you to witness the wonders at Amos Pewter where for nearly 50 years they’ve been crafting original designs of jewellery, ornaments, home décor and more right on-site at their Mahone Bay shop. And that’s just one of the many artistic stops in the seaside town.

Take a step back in time at Ross Farm Museum where you’ll discover the artisans of old. With an up close and personal view of 18th-century craftsmanship on everything from hat making to blacksmithing to barrel marking and more. Their gift shop is stocked up with old-timey treasures too.

Our history in the making continues at the Barrington Museum Complex with a wide variety of wonderful works from local crafters. They even host an awesome array of workshops so you can discover your creative spirit too!

Your inner artist will love the Chester Art Centre as well – constantly brimming with creativity from their ongoing gallery shows to their spectacular year-round sessions in every kind of art form. You’ll find oodles of inspiration to be sure of it!

If you fancy fibre arts you’ll find all that and then some at Becky’s Knit & Yarn Shop in Lockeport. With Becky’s signature custom colours made from 100% wool – you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience complete with perfect patterns, lots of locally hand-knit items and oodles of knitting needles and gadgetry too!

Fantastically creative works can even be found at our Famers’ Markets – where artists and artisans of every ilk gather to display and sell their wares – from wood turners to wool weavers, perfect picture takers to jewellery makers – the list of loveliness goes on and on – especially during their Christmas markets.

So long in fact you’ll simply need to soak it all in for yourself and fill your bucket to the brim with creativity!

PS – with so much creativity to see and celebrate you’ll find some lovely spots to stay along the way

PPS – pack light and plan to bring a whole heap of all that creativity home with you

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