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Come Camp With Us

Oh, how we love camping. All the wide-open spaces. All the fresh salt air. The sun to greet you as you wake. A blanket of stars above you at night. When it comes to relaxing there’s nothing quite like camping and there’s no place sweeter than here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore – so come camp with us!

Whether you’re the portage and pitch a tent kind or the motor home away from home kind, the rustic and roughing it or the full-on glamper or any kind of camper in between – we’ve got just the spot for you. Our campgrounds offer everything from playgrounds and swimming pools to tall forests, gentle streams, lovely lakes and wave-filled beaches.

From ocean side to island, to inland wooded areas – we invite you to immerse yourself and be at one with our one-of-kind nature. Whether you’re looking for some solo solitude or have a bunch of little campers in your crew there’s a campground for you.

We even offer incredible experience packages complete with guided kayak tours, campfire dining, beachside yoga and so much more!

Whether you’re making a weekend of it or spending the summer here – we pride ourselves on ensuring everyone achieves “Happy Camper” status – leaving and longing for the next chance to camp here in Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Have a look at our featured campgrounds below and we’ll see you when you get here.

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