Davey and Sky 5 Fav Winter Adventures

5 Fav Winter Adventures Along The South Shore Of Nova Scotia

By Davey & Sky

While this amazing list of winter adventures was created for Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl 2022 many of them are available still!

Need a change of scenery? Good news! For a breath of fresh air and fun, let yourself be transported to the stunning South Shore of Nova Scotia this winter!

Each year, this area of the province comes alive in the winter at the peak time of lobster fishing season, and holds a month-long shellebration called Lobster Crawl! With over 150 events, experiences, and unique yummy crustacean dishes everywhere you look, there is no shortage of things to do or lobster goodness to savour. Last winter we spent time exploring the South Shore, and in between lobster feeds enjoyed these 5 adventures!

Here are 5 Fav Winter Adventures Along The South Shore Of Nova Scotia

1. Explore and Take a Walking Tour of Lunenburg

Whether a stroll around town or on a guided walking tour experience, exploring the storybook town of Luneburg is a must when in the area. Seaside streets lined with restaurants, shops, and quaint places to stay, this UNESCO World Heritage site town is home to the Bluenose legacy and steeped in history and beauty. If you get the chance, try to check out – Ironworks Distillery, the Bluenose II Giftshop, and grab a pint at Shipwright Brewing or Lightship Brewery!

2. Spend a Day in ChesterSensea Nordic Spa & Kiwi Cafe

Chester NS photo by daveyandsky com

Channel some cozy “treat yourself” vibes in the charming town of Chester with a spa and cafe visit. Located along the water, Sensea Nordic Spa is the perfect place to relax, especially in the winter when the hot pools, saunas, and hammams feel ohhh so much more soothing. If you’re up for it, do a cold plunge for the full thermal therapy experience and benefits! Pair your spa day with a visit to the scrumptious Kiwi Cafe. This breakfast and lunch spot creates homemade baked treats, local ingredient-infused dishes, and has a cheerful atmosphere. Highly recommend their lobster eggs benedict, lobster haddock chowder, and lobster roll (though we’ve been told everything is good on their menu)!

3. Explore the Picturesque Blue Rocks

Blue Rocks NS photo by daveyandsky.com

Located just outside of Lunenburg is a living art gallery in the form of a vibrant fishing village. This working coastal inlet isn’t truly an art gallery, but it sure feels like one when you are here as it is filled with inspiring scenes. We loved sitting along the blue slate rocks simply listening to the waves lick at the seaweed shore. Bring a book, a snack, or sit in your car and enjoy! One thing you won’t want to forget is your camera.

4. Hike Gaff Point

Gaff Point NS photo by daveyandsky com

Hiking is always an adventure in winter, and if you’re up for the challenge, it can be the most rewarding time of year to explore! Starting at Hirtle’s Beach, a great hike in the South Shore all year long is Gaff Point. The roughly 7km roundtrip scenic trail consists of impressive cliffs, forests paths, and stunning coastal views. If you’re lucky, you may catch it under a fresh blanket of snow!

5. See why Sherose Trail Rocks

Sherose Trail and Barrington NS photo by daveyandsky.com

When you’re in the Lobster Capital of Canada, you may be eating a lot of lobster.. And therefore looking to walk some lobster off between feeds! A great little trail located in the town of Barrington is the Sherose Island Nature Park. This 1km woodland loop is tranquil to explore and home to a kindness rock project! Dotting the beautiful trails, you can find painted rocks in all sorts of different designs, characters, or words of inspiration waiting for you. It also has multiple benches so you can sit down and admire the rocks along your travels or take a rest. Another great area to walk off your lobster is The Hawk. You can explore the white sandy beach and 1,500-year-old drowned forest!

Other fun adventures you can get up to:

Nova Scotia's South Shore photos by daveyandsky.com

We hope this list gets you excited to visit the South Shore this winter, explore all the beautiful areas, and (of course) SHELLEBRATE the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl!!

Great thanks to Davey & Sky for their fantastic feature “5 Fav Winter Adventures Along The South Shore Of Nova Scotia. We love all of their suggestions and hope you’ll experience them all for yourself and when you do be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see all the great time you had!

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